We Are The They

We Are The They

I created this shirt to share a message that is very special to me.

In 2017 I was part of a special group that went undercover in foreign countries to help rescue kids being sex trafficked. After one of our ops, I talked to my girlfriend at the time on the way home from the airport and I was explaining some of the scary details. She pulled over and said, "I want to talk; I really don't want you to go do these ops anymore."

I explained that this was a new part of my life's mission, and it was too important to quit. After a little back and forth, she finally said, "I get how important it is, but why do you have to go do it? Why can't they just go do it?"

Without thinking, I replied, "There is no they, WE ARE THE THEY!"

It shot shivers down my spine, and she and I both understood. Since that day, this has become my life motto.

There is no they, WE ARE THE THEY!

When something needs to get done, when somebody needs to step up, we don't wait for the they to do it. Because "We Are The They!"
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